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As a first-generation American, a small business owner, a husband and father, and a life-long Utahn, I am dedicated to making our future the best it can possibly be. 

It is time for Utah Democrats to become the force that we know we are.  It is up to us to protect the values that all Utahn's share.  Utah Democrats stand for justice, equity, and true family values.  It is time to stop letting others dictate who we are, and start standing up to those that don't take the people's voice seriously. Let's be unified and proactive in our approach to a better future for Utah! 

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“Jeff has been nothing short of kind, generous and giving as well as patient and understanding. One of my favorite things is that he will take the time to listen and consider all sides of a conversation before making a decision. I have never had an issue that I couldn’t bring to him that we could not work out and could not be happier working along side him.”

—Alicia Martinez

“I have had the opportunity to work closely with Jeff through Beehive Homes and in his work with the Wasatch Family Foundation. Jeff actively strives to improve the lives of the oldest and youngest citizens in our community through his business and personal endeavors. As a business owner, he is honest, generous and genuinely cares about the people he employs, and the people who live in his homes.”

—Carrie Watts

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