Over the last two years, I have worked tirelessly with candidates, elected officials, and Democrats across the state and the country. I am proud of the endorsements that many have made in support of my campaign.

 “Jeff has proven his capacity for leadership over the past two years. He has brought professionalism and stability to the party’s operations. He has worked tirelessly to support candidates and advocate for Democratic priorities. I look forward to working with Jeff to advance the Utah values all Democrats share”

Ben McAdams

“Not only does Jeff have a passion for Democratic values, but he has the operational and organizational knowledge UDP needs to move into the future. In my role as DNC Committeewoman, I saw his leadership firsthand, and it was a pleasure working with Jeff to get the party out of debt. Jeff is the proven leader we need as we work to advance the Party.”

Mayor jenny wilson


Senator Karen Mayne


Brian King


Carol Moss


joel Brisco


GayLynn Bennion

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