It really is time for us to plan, and execute our plans, better. We have a million more people coming into this county over the next 50 years. If we don’t start doing something, we are going to live in a community far different than the one we live in now.

Earlier this week, I was talking with someone on Facebook and he told me that not all congestion is bad.  His point was that some congestion is good if it involves areas that have lots of people in them:  biking, walking, driving, and using public transportation.  Where it becomes a problem is when we plan, but don’t execute well.

I completely agree.  Planning is important, but we have to be willing to enforce that planning to make things really work.

We need to be forward thinking about how to utilize park spaces, shopping districts, highways, and public transit.  But forward thinking only gets us so far.  We have to be willing to enforce our ideas by providing the right carrots–and using the right sticks when necessarily.

More Planning for Salt Lake County Growth

February 20, 2019

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