So, as some of you know, I have been involved in healthcare since I was a kid.  My mom retired from St. Mark’s Hospital after over 30 years working in the nursery and Neonatal ICU.  My dad is a pharmacist.  Sure, they were VERY disappointed when I decided to go to law school, but they eventually got over it, and about six years ago, I bought my first assisted living home.

Part of the reason I bought the home is that I felt awful about the situation the residents were in.  The place was a mess, the carpets disgusting, the food was hot pockets and frozen TV dinners–NOT what anyone in the last years of their lives should be enduring.  I bought the home, completely remodeled it, and then had about 100 percent turnover in the staff.  It took about six months, but eventually, things started to change.

Today, that home is a community treasure, and people from the entire region come to stay there.

All of my homes are small–the smallest has only 11 people in it.  That means we can really get to know people and their families.

We ought to have similar services for our community at large.  Although the county cannot directly work on many issues involving healthcare, it does has a lot of leeway from the State of Utah to work on mental health issues.  I believe we should:

  • Improve and expand our mental health services throughout the county by increasing the sites available for treatment
  • Work on early intervention for children suffering from mental illness and help prepare them early and prevent the possibility of suicide or addiction later in life
  • Have sufficient help available to people for addiction treatment, to ensure they can be helped before they run into problems with crime, homelessness, or poverty
  • Have specific treatment options for victims of sexual abuse, including rape recovery centers, to provide a safe place for victims to begin the long process of emotional and mental recovery
  • Utilize county facilities–specifically libraries and other community centers–to help provide some basic services to people in need.

There is a LOT we can do to help improve our community.  We may not be able to do all of it immediately, but we can do it.  Especially if we work together.  Because together, we’re more!

More Access to Healthcare

February 19, 2019

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