At this point, if you have talked to me, you know that one of the big things I am interested in doing on the County Council is work on cleaning our air, our water and our land.

Obviously, our environment is a big issue for all the candidates running for County Council, and that is a good thing.

The big question is: what differentiates the 10 of us on these issues?  Well, there isn’t much difference in terms of the politics, but there is in terms of the experience.

jeff merchant

As an environmental attorney, I am well versed on the state and federal framework used to protect our natural resources.

I know the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and other laws and regulations.  That means on day one, I will be able to dive into the issues affecting our community, without any learning curve.  I won’t have to take time to learn and understand the federal regulatory issues, the state implementation of federal guidelines, or the limitations on what the County can and cannot do in relation to environmental issues.

Candidate for Salt Lake County Council

Experience counts, and my experience is real world.  I have worked with communities here in Salt Lake County to address clean water issues, to fight for funding to clean up industrial waste sites, and to seek cleaner air in both our canyons and our valley.  That experience can lead to action, and with your help, that is what I hope will happen on the County Council:

Action on more clean air, more clean water, more clean land.

I ask for your endorsement today, and your vote on February 23rd.

Thank you!

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February 14, 2019

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