Okay, so a few days ago I mentioned that one of the reasons I’m running for Salt Lake County Council is because I want to serve others.  While I feel that is a really important reason to run for office, that is also a motivating factor for everyone who seeks public office (at least, I hope it is).  Service, though, is also not the only reason I’m running.  Another reason is this:  Timing.

Timing is everything.  Since high school, I have always been involved and engaged in government and politics, but always in a role of supporting others.  Because I have seen first hand the commitment that public service requires, I can honestly say that one or two years ago I would have never even thought about running for office myself–serving on the central committee, as a delegate or as a volunteer was plenty.  Now, I feel that time is right for me both professionally and personally.

I’ve spent the last several years building a business based here in Salt Lake County.  While we now have locations throughout Utah, my flagship homes in West Jordan and Millcreek employ about 60 people.  Anyone who has owned a business knows you are working ALL the time.  Over the last six or so years, though, by careful planing, fiscal prudence, and some luck, I’ve been able to build a small business that gives me the flexibility and time to make working on the County Council a priority.

Equally important to me is independence.  I am fortunate that having my own small business makes me responsible only to those who elect me.  I can act independently and without pressure on any issue that come before the Council.  If I am beholden to no one person or organization, that also means that I can be beholden to the voice and will of the people–which is what all public officials should vow to do.  I’ll never have to ask for a day off to attend an event, I’ll never have to double check that a decision made by the Council with affect my supervisor or the company that I work for.

And finally, I think my family is finally at a point where I can engage more meaningfully in public service.  I’m not the only one with a busy job, and my wife Emily and I have learned to support each other in the give and take of balancing work and family.  Our oldest is now a driver (both a terrifying and liberating prospect), so juggling her schedule with ours isn’t as big of a problem as it was even a few months ago.  Last but not least, our youngest daughter, Elsie, is fully supportive.  When I told her we needed a few campaign signs, she went right to work (see the picture below!).

Timing really is everything, and I think the time is now.  I hope you do to and will join me in making Salt Lake County a better place.


Why I’m Running for Salt Lake County Council, Part 2

February 12, 2019

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